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Harper College
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Below are the 6 most recent journal entries recorded in William Rainey Harper College's LiveJournal:

Sunday, October 11th, 2009
10:20 am
Monday, October 5th, 2009
2:06 am
Wednesday, October 15th, 2008
2:37 pm
Monday, June 23rd, 2008
3:56 pm
All Ages Punk Show in Lake Villa, IL Sat. 7/5!


19041 W Grand Ave, Lake Villa, IL) – Aggro Control, Insufficient Funds, Waste Basket, The Psycho Kid (we go on around 10 pm), Sunday Church Riot, and Followed by Ghosts! All ages show, starts at 7 pm, door charge = $5. http://www.myspace.com/swingstatevenue




Sunday, April 15th, 2007
5:42 pm
To rent harp in Finland and Spain
Hola friends! I need your help!
May be you know finn and spanish harpists. 
I'm going to Spain from 22.04-27.04 , then to Finland from 28.04-10.05 and I need harp
It's horrible, because I have an exam at 20.05 in Moscow. I'm plaing Glier's harp concert. 
I have only 1 week to kill my problems... ((
Sunday, January 2nd, 2005
1:28 pm
ok, so i am surprised I am doing this, but if Rachael actually got an ipod that works--I am going for it.

Please please please help me with this! I know it's lame and is usually a scam--but [info]thirteenfools actually got her ipod. And now I want one too.

Just sign up for one of the things-I did the blockbuster 2 week trial. You just have to remember to cancel after 2 weeks and it's free :) But I need 10 people to sign up and actually do one of the offers.

PLEASE!!! i beg you...i want this!

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